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How do Christians View the Prophet Muhammad?

Kitab-01 First, the Holy Bible is the source for Christian faith and doctrine and Muhammad is not mentioned in these Scriptures. How can Christians give an honest evaluation about a person who is never mentioned in their sacred writings? If asked to comment on Adam, Abraham, Moses, David, Mary, Peter or Isa Al-Masih they can give a clear answer. When Muhammad was born in 570 AD, Christianity had spread widely but in their Holy Scriptures they found no mention of Muhammad.

Second, so much of what was taught by Muhammad as divine revelation contradicts the Bible. How can Christians embrace his teaching? Obviously they will choose the older divine revelation which is supported as fact in other historical references. For example, the Bible teaches and Christians believe that Isa Al-Masih died on the cross (secular historians corroborate this fact); yet the Koran states Isa Al-Masih did not die on the cross (Sura 4:157-158). To add to the confusion, some Koranic verses (Sura 19:33; 5:117) seem to indicate that Isa Al-Masih did die. What source of truth should Christians choose? They will trust the clear historical narrative as given in their Holy Scriptures.

Hence Christians have no clear answer to the above question. Muhammad is not mentioned in their Scriptures and many of his teachings are not in harmony with these Scriptures (e.g. jihad, Kitab-12polygamy and haj commands). Indeed some of Muhammad’s teachings do agree with the Bible; but when they contradict the Scriptures, Christians must reject them.

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