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Unity of Allah (Tawhid) in Christianity According to Indonesia’s NU Chairman

news said aqil sirajDr. KH Said Aqil Siradj, Indonesia’s Nahdlatul Ulama’s (NU) chairman, understands tawhid in Islam very well. After studying Syrian Christian Orthodoxy, he confirmed the unity of Allah (tawhid) in Christianity. How could he make that bold claim?

Christians Believe that Only Allah is Worthy of Worship

As an Islamic scholar, Dr. Siradj wrote his view in Bambang Noorsena’s book, Christian-Islam Theology Dialogue. He wrote on pages 163-166 that, “Ar-Rububiyyah is the conviction that God, the Creator, is worthy of worship. Christianity clearly believes that God is the God of the universe who is worthy of praise.”

Christians guided by Allah’s revelation (the Torah, Zabur and Injil) believe that only God is worthy of worship. Allah said to Moses, “You shall have no other gods before me” (Torah, Exodus 20:3).

Christians Believe in One God

The NU chairman said, “Al-Uluhiyyah is acknowledging one God in religious services. They [Christians] have also pledged La ilaha illallah: There is no god but Allah as the expression of their tawhid.” He is correct. Christians believe there is no other god but Allah, the Creator and Savior.

The Bible states, “. . . there is but one God (. . . Lâilahailla al-Lâh al-ahad)(Injil, 1 Corinthians 8:4-6). God said to Moses, “. . . The Lord our God, the Lord is one” (Torah, Deuteronomy 6:4 - NIV). Isa Al-Masih also said, “. . . the Lord is one” (Injil, Mark 12:29).

003 jesus appears disciplesThe Word of Allah Became Flesh

“If in Islam the eternal word of Allah descended through Muhammad in the form of the Quran, then Christianity . . . believes that the Word of Allah has become a human being,” the wise Dr. Siradj said.

His explanation was right on. The Gospel affirms that Isa Al-Masih “. . . was the Word . . . and the Word was God . . . the Word became flesh . . .” (Injil, John 1:1, 14).

Please tell us what you think about Dr. Siradj’s explanation!

pay 3208060 1920Proof of the Unity of Allah (Tawhid) in Christianity (God is One)

Isa Al-Masih is “the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of His being, sustaining all things by His powerful word” (Injil, Hebrew 1:3). This proves the unity of Allah (tawhid) in Christianity because Allah and Isa are one.   

Because of His unconditional love for each one of us, Isa Al-Masih bore all of our sins on the cross. Because of His sacrifice, Isa Al-Masih forgives and purifies everyone who believes in Him “that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him” (Injil, John 3:15). Isa provides assurance of salvation.

Through his resurrection, Isa Al-Masih proved that He has power over sin and death. He is now sitting at the right hand of Allah and will judge people of all nations on Judgement Day.

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  1. After learning and knowing the meaning of tawhid in Islam, how does Christianity also teach the unity of Allah?
  2. The Torah, Zabur and Injil affirm the unity of Allah in Christianity. What is your response?
  3. How can Christianity teach Allah is one when Isa also claims to be God?

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