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Is Islamic Sharia Superior to Christian Sharia?

prayer morningAccording to Muslim religious scholars, Islamic Sharia is the standard law to rule the lifestyle of human race. “We have established for you a code of conduct and a religion. Follow it and do not follow the desires of the ignorant people (Qs 45:18, M. Sarwar Translation).

Other religious scholars ask, “Why do Muslims consider their Sharia (religious law) the best in the world?” We will evaluate if there is another religious law superior to Sharia. 

wudhuA Few Examples of Islamic Sharia

  1. Eat only allowed and permitted meat.
  2. Fast during Ramadan.
  3. Do ritual ablutions (washings) before Salawat/Salat.
  4. Perform Salawat/Salat five times a day.
  5. Stone adulterers to death.
  6. Cut off the hand of a thief.
  7. Flog gamblers and alcohol drinkers. 

The Goal of Islamic Sharia

Islamic scholars are convinced the establishment of Sharia advances the country and spreads happiness among the people. One Muslim scholar wrote: “If, with true firm commitment we practice Sharia, we will cultivate true harmony between people and also with nature.”

Qs 45:18 says Allah gave a “code of conduct” (Sharia) for Muslims. Is Islamic Sharia superior and good for all societies?

hand over handThe Core of Isa Al-Masih’s Sharia

Isa Al-Masih sums up His Sharia in two laws: “Love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind . . . Love your neighbor [others] as yourself.”

He claimed these two laws summarize and are superior to all other religious Sharia (Luke 10:25-28, Matthew 7:12, 22:37-39, Galatian 5:14).

Can a person fulfill all of Sharia Law by just obeying these two laws or commandments? Let us know what you think.

Applications of Isa Al-Masih’s Sharia Law

All actions of the followers of Isa Al-Masih must agree with the Sharia of Isa, which is the “Law of Love.” If an action does not exhibit love toward God or his neighbor (others), then that action is wrong and forbidden. Beating one’s wife, hating someone and stoning a person to death for adultery are not practicing the law of love.

Obviously, if a person breaks the civil law (the law of the local government), then the person should be punished in a civilized way. Lashing a person because of gambling is not humane. Cutting off the hand of a thief is cruel and not practicing the law of love.

morning praiseThe Way to Practice True Religious Sharia

God’s Word emphasizes, “Love does no harm to a neighbor [others]. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law (Romans 13:10).

If you don’t feel Sharia Isa Al-Masih is superior to Sharia Islam, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Before you can start following Sharia Isa Al-Masih, you need to receive His offer of salvation from sin and hell! Hopefully, today you will put your trust in Isa Al-Masih as your personal and eternal Savior!

(Author – Jason Gilead) 

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  1. Which law is more difficult to follow, Sharia Isa or Sharia Islam? Why?
  2. Muslims claim that Islamic Sharia is superior. What is the foundational argument in this article that the Sharia of Isa Al-Masih is superior to the Sharia Islam? Explain your answer.
  3. How can we know if a person truly follows and practices the Sharia Isa Al-Masih that tells us to Love God and Love Our Neighbor?  

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