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Scientists Read the Oldest Bible and Confirm Allah’s Word Never Changes

old scrollScholars were recently able to read the Ein Gedi Scroll, the world’s oldest scroll, which is about 2000 years old.

If they discover any differences between the scroll and the Bible today, then there is proof the Bible has been corrupted. However, if the contents are exactly the same, then we must believe that Allah’s Word never changes. That means we should study and obey the Bible.

The Discovery of the Ein Gedi Scroll

In 1970, a group of archeologists found a Bible scroll inside of an ancient building in the Ein Gedi village near the Dead Sea. Many things were destroyed in a fire due to the extremely dry weather in the area. The scroll remained intact even after having been burnt. It could have crumbled if the archeologists touched it.

The Contents of the Scroll are the Same as the Bible

Therefore, the scroll remained untouched for 45 years. But with new technology, scientists were able to scan the scroll into a 3-D image and flatten it to reveal the writing inside. Now, people can read the oldest Torah without opening it.

The Ein Gedi scroll is 100% the same as the current Book of Leviticus in the Torah! The scholars were very excited with the discovery.

changesAllah’s Word Never Changes

Furthermore, thousands of manuscripts confirm the Bible used today is the same as the Bible before and after Muhammad. This proves the Bible has never changed.

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The Quran writes, And We sent . . . Jesus [Isa Al-Masih], the son of Mary, confirming that which came before him in the Torah;and We gave him the Gospel, in which was guidance and light and confirming that which preceded it of the Torah as guidance . . . (Qs 5:46).

Isa Al-Masih affirmed that, Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away (Injil, Luke 21:33).

Isa Al-Masih is the Perfect Sacrifice

In the Torah, Allah commanded the Israelites to sacrifice a perfect animal for forgiveness of sins. It’s written that “. . . he must bring to the Lord a young bull without defect as a sin offering for the sin he has committed (Torah, Leviticus 4:3).

Isa Al-Masih is the ultimate sacrifice for our sins because He was sent by Allah and lived a perfect life.  It is written that, “. . . we have been made holy through the sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ [Isa Al-Masih] once for all (Injil, Hebrews 10:10). Please email us if you want to learn more about forgiveness for all of your sins.


  1. Why were the scholars very excited with the discovery? What does the discovery prove?
  2. How should Muslims respond when the Quran 5:46 confirms that Isa Al-Masih was the light and the righteous messenger of Allah?
  3. Why do you think that Isa Al-Masih had to die on the cross to bring forgiveness of sins?

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