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Muhammad or Isa - The Prophet of Peace?

dove peace

I was searching for peace and found it unexpectedly. Isa - the Prophet of Peace - saved my life and can save yours as well. His righteous, humble and loving character sets Him apart. This gave me the desire to learn more about Him in the Quran and Injil.

Is Muhammad the Prophet of Peace?

I was sent to a mullah (Islamic teacher) to learn and memorize the Quran in Arabic at six years old. The mullah would beat me with a large stick when I made a mistake reciting the Quran. This changed my attitude toward Islam, seeing Allah as a strict punisher.

Later, I learned about Isa Al-Masih from the Quran - that He was an innocent man and a prophet of Allah. However, according to the mullah, Muhammad was the chief of all prophets. Nevertheless, I had mixed feelings toward Muhammad. I was impressed with his claim to be a messenger of peace, but I was disappointed with his militancy.

I read about the wars in Islamic history. I feel distraught by all the violence and hatred I saw around me.

living waterIsa is the Living Water from Heaven

I wanted to learn more about Isa but my mother became angry and said that my father would kill me. So, I went to a nearby city searching for followers of Isa.

As I learned, I was greatly impacted by the teaching of Isa. For example, "If a man is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him" (Injil, John 7:37-38). Please email us if you want to receive living water from Isa.

salvationIsa Gave Me Peace and Salvation

Even though the Quran speaks of Allah's mercy and compassion, the wrath of Allah overwhelmed me. Then, I learned that Isa - the Prophet of Peace - forgives sins and can save my soul from judgment. He died for my sins and rose from the dead. I did not deserve it nor could I earn it.

Isa was the perfect blood sacrifice because He lived a holy life. Isa is the only One that can satisfy all my needs. He has given me peace, so I trust Him to be my Savior and Lord.

As a believer in Isa, I have the assurance that Allah has accepted me, and I will be in heaven with Him. Email us to learn how Isa can change your life and give you assurance of salvation.


  1. Why is Isa (Jesus) different from other prophets?
  2. How can Isa satisfy your life? How is He able to give peace?
  3. How can the author be so sure of his salvation?

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